Is Drug Addiction Destroying Your Family?

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Suppose you drink more than you would like to and hope to stop in the near future. Or perhaps, you use illegal narcotics and realize that you actions are negatively affecting your life. Have you thought about the impact that your choices are having on your relatives? Is your addiction destroying your family?

Does your family avoid you?

Is your family avoiding interacting with you? Perhaps every time you come around, your presence leads to fights amongst your relatives and they would prefer that you stay away. Or maybe your family would like to have a small peaceful get together with alcohol and they are afraid that if you come, you will be more likely to overly imbibe so they do not invite you. If your family is choosing to distance themselves from you, then maybe your actions are having a negative affect on others. If your family is being effected it might be time to check into a drug detox center near you.

Are your choices leading others down the same path?
Suppose you notice that your little brother, cousin or child is beginning to act disrespectfully. Or maybe you know that they are beginning to use drugs like marijuana or drink a few beers with friends. Perhaps the are mirroring your behavior and believe “if you can do it, why can’t I?” If you are abusing drugs, then you already know the impact that it is having on your life. However, do you really want your poor actions to affect others, especially children and young adults?

Is your family constantly giving you money?
You do not have the rent this month because you spent a portion of it on drugs or alcohol. So, you call your family members for money so that you will not be evicted. However, they too are struggling to make ends meet because their paycheck does not go as far as it used to go. So they help you and go without something for the next month. Perhaps they forgo a nice meal with a spouse or summer camp deposit for the children. Just know, every time you spend money on drugs and alcohol and neglect other important bills, those responsibilities will ultimately fall on your family.

Does your family worry about you constantly?
Does your mom call you on Saturday morning, hoping you made it home safely? Or maybe your sister offers to drive you somewhere because she is worried that you may be drinking and driving. Or maybe a relative offers to babysit your kids routinely because he or she does not want your children to stay at home by themselves or come home to a drunken mom or dad. Your actions have consequences and even if others enable your choices, it does not mean they are not making sacrifices of their own.

So what’s next? Considering rehab and detox
You owe it to your family to consider a proper detox center in Florida. Professionals can help you detox off of the drugs you are currently addicted to and help you live a healthy life. Just remember, no matter what, your family loves you and wants the best for you throughout life. If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, seek help immediately.


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